Sunday, January 2, 2011

What time is it?

We just got back from visiting family. I don't think we've stayed so long with family without living there since we've been married.

We did some stuff we don't normally do at home, and a lot of stuff we normally do at home, but one thing we weren't was overscheduled. We didn't plan anything really. We literally took it a day at a time and ... there wasn't much stress. Not bad.

Okay, it wasn't perfect. Halfway in we cut a corner a little too close and scraped some paint off my brother's car (his LEASED car) with our "paint-is-falling-off-van". (CRINGE.) And my husband spent a couple of days trying to heat up his mom's garage enough to sand and repaint the front bumper. I think it worked. I hope it worked. We'll find out when my brother turns the car back in .... this February. Yeah. Pray for us.

So the kids are now decompressing and trying not to think about how they get to go back to school tomorrow (teeheeheehee!) and I'm trying to remember what my routine is...and I need to go now because I forgot I had bread dough rising so the kids could have sandwiches for lunch tomorrow..... sheesh.

I'm a little slow on this New Year thing....

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Pam said...

We really appreciate Mike doing that for us. It would have cost a LOT more if we had had it done professionally. WE felt bad that Mike had to give up two days of his vacation. Vacations are to relax, not continue to work. Sorry!