Monday, January 3, 2011


I arranged for the post office to hold our mail while we were gone for the holidays. I expected a slew of bills today.

As I expected, the mailbox was full ..... of my neighbor's mail.

(Slap forehead)

Happy First Monday of 2011!


Michelle said...

Oops. I was excited to get home and find my mailbox overflowing. Just ad circulars and my neighbors gas bill. Disappointing.

Lourie said...

I got a New Era for my daughter and her friend...who lives a mile away! Nice.

PearlsAndGreenTea said...

haha! oh no! sorry to hear of your mix up!

Sarah Bishop Jackson said...

Been busy and haven't read the blogs for a while.

Good where is your mail??

Got another one for ya. Heather and Jake rented his uncle's home for @ 6 months(which had been vacant for a while), put a change of address in at the post office and immediately started getting the uncle's mail and the uncle was getting Heather's mail. Even after they moved to Vernal for 1 1/2 years it still wasn't completely taken care of.