Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday's to-do list.

Monday to do list:

1. Laundry - (excuse me, got to change loads) - ongoing.

2. Cub Scout stuff - (make awards for pinewood derby in a couple of months, make checklist for this week's den meeting, make appreciation awards for parents who show they care) - ongoing.

3. Exercise - (either weighted ball workout, or walking dvd workout, and how am I going to coerce my teenage daughter to do it with me?) - not looking good so far

4. Family Home Evening lesson - (my chance during the week to impart spiritual values to my offspring in a semiformal manner that shouldn't include the phrase, "be quiet and listen to me!) - um, maybe after dinner I'll throw this together.

5. Go over music for church choir because it's really complicated and I need to learn my part - sheesh, maybe tomorrow.

6. Interact with youngest child - he's telling me to leave him alone.

7. Eat right - (do we even have fruit in the house that isn't canned?) - sigh.

8. Pray - (does praying while still under the bedcovers count?) - sort of done for today.

9. Make dinner - (I know I planned the menus for this week, where did that paper go?) - thinking about it.

10. Take last two pumpkins to neighbor's goats - (one of them is getting soft, and who am I kidding? I'm sick of pumpkin!) - not yet. Maybe not tomorrow either.


Patty Ann said...

Oh yeah, my day is much the same, except I love pumpkin. Found a great pumpkin muffin recipe that makes having a pumpkin pretty amazing.

Lourie said...

Wow you youngest tells you to leave him alone!? hahaha. Not mine. He is my little shadow.