Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hmm: I like my underwear NOT to stick.

I have an Oregon friend to thank for showing me this.

Magnetized underwear. Wouldn't work for me. I tend to hold open/close the church doors with my hips when my hands are full. Although I might never lose my keys again. :p Then again, I really don't want to attract the punk rockers covered in metal studs either - that could get highly awkward. (Excuse me, could you not wear metallic nose studs?)

My friends, and friends of friends, had this to say:

"I wear some of those. Man is it a pain to get through airport security!"

"Imagines sitting down on a metal bench and not being able to get up."

"...walking by the fridge and getting sucked into it. You can't pull yourself away. What do you do? I guess eat everything out of the fridge until husband comes home to rescue you."

Isn't technology amazing? (Snerk)


Patty Ann said...

The sad part is that I am sure someone, somewhere, has probably bought a pair. I think I will stick to my diet.

Lourie said...

Magnetic undies? Really? haha.

superpaige said...