Thursday, December 9, 2010

There's never a camera when you need one...

Last night's Christmas party with our church congregation was lovely. Good food. The kids sang Christmas songs. And then there was a slideshow with pictures of all the activities and service projects that were done this last year. As the kids were being gathered to the front to see the slideshow, I noticed my youngest was missing. I left the gym (it's technically called "the cultural hall" because there is a stage next to the basketball court) and started looking in the empty classrooms for my four year old. I got to the Primary room and saw him.

He was sitting on a small chair, toe to toe with Santa. No other kids in the room. I thought, "uh-oh. Somebody found Santa before he was supposed to." I glanced at the two other adults in the room. They were just watching the conversation and being very patient. Santa was giving my little guy the key to a good Christmas. "Brush your teeth every day, do what mom and dad tell you, and you'll do alright." My little boy nodded.

I snuck up behind my son and gently nudged him.

"Look Mom! It's Santa!"

"Yes! That's great! It's time to go watch a movie now."

"I don't want to watch a movie, I want to talk to Santa."

"You'll get to see Santa after the movie."

Santa, bless him, was very nice. "You come back and see me later and you can be the bell ringer."

My son left with me with his lower lip sticking out a mile but he came with me.

I got a picture of him on Santa's lap later but it just didn't have the charm that it could have if I could have snapped it earlier when they looked like two guys shooting the breeze.


Lourie said...

I remember once when I was 6...and my mom worked at Penney's. We were there for shopping and as we were leaving, there sitting on a bench was none other then the big man himself. I sat an talked to him. One on one. I don't remember what we said. I don't remember telling him what I wanted for Christmas. I just remember sitting with him. My mom tells me after we left I told her he was the "real" Santa!

Ann said...

Awwwww!! That is sooo cute! Let him believe for as long as possible!! It's hard being the only kindergardener not believing he is real. I know! That is the cutest thing!

Pam said...