Monday, December 6, 2010

Some genius get on it!

Ah, Monday. The day we clean up after the weekend.

I think some genius needs to invent the following - because there just aren't enough labor saving devices out there, don't you know.

1. A hamper sized washer/dryer that fits in the corner of the bedroom. It starts itself when it is full, and spits out dry, clean, folded clothes when they are done. My kids really need these in their bedrooms.

2. You know those little mini, robotized floor sweepers you see on t.v.? I want one for the driveway when the wind blows down yet another bag or two of dead leaves from the trees.

3. Oh and another one for when it snows...with an automatic ice melt dispenser on the back so my kids don't slip and fall, resulting in me taking them to school myself instead of them riding their bikes as they should be.

4. I need a do-hickey that can climb up trees, detect which branches are dead, and chew them up into mulch.

5. I need a gadget that can tell me why I went from one room to another and then forgot why I was there in the first place.

If there is something you need a genius to build for you, add it to the list.


Lourie said...

Hmmmm I want dinner to cook itself and clean up afterward. I want the garbage to take itself out. And I want self cleaning toilets.

Pam said...

I want # 4.
As for #5, you just keep repeating OUT LOUD why you are going to the next room! HAHAH! Glad to see someone has joined the club.

Michelle said...

Monday is the day we clean up from the weekend. Play hard and worry about it later. That's what we say.