Monday, November 15, 2010

Ummmm, no.

How long have we parents had to have that uncomfortable conversation with our kids about child abuse? "Don't let anyone touch your private parts - anything that would be covered by your underwear. A doctor is the exception if you are sick and need help, or your parents if they need to take care of you, but IF YOU FEEL UNCOMFORTABLE IN ANY WAY, TELL AN ADULT!"

Teachers and youth leaders and anyone who works with children are trained not to be alone with kids - in order to keep kids safe from child molesters. Anyone who takes pictures of children naked could be prosecuted for the sexual exploitation of a minor. Even parents have to be careful about taking baby pictures when bathtime comes around. Anyone who is convicted of groping a child in an inappropriate way gets their name put on a list warning anyone who wants to look it up that he/she is not safe around kids.

So how is it, that once we are adults, it is suddenly okay for a complete stranger to take an essentially nude picture of us, and if we don't like that, we must submit to groping and grabbing of our sensitive parts, either in public or behind a screen?
In any other circumstance, if we are not consenting to the action, IT IS A CRIME! But there is one government agency that seems to be beyond this. The TSA.

Have you heard about this guy John Tyner? Check out this ABCNews report. Apparently he decided that he didn't want to go through those scanners at airport security that make you look naked. So he was supposed to submit to a patdown, which to him basically amounted to sexual molestation. And if you realize just exactly how far those "agents" are supposed to go, that should give all of us some pause. He made a comment that basically said, "Don't touch me there" and the supervisor said he either had to accept it or not fly that day.

The guy decided he was going to leave the airport. And then a TSA agent catches up and says he has to FINISH the screening! Apparently there is a law that says if you start a security screening at an airport, you have to finish or BE FINED $10,000.00. The guy walked out of there without finishing.

Something is very wrong here. If we want to fly, we MUST, in the name of "safety" allow non-medical personnel to see us nude, grab our genitals and be quiet about it, or BE FINED. We have to pay, and possibly go to jail, to insist that our private person be LEFT ALONE. And you know once you are in jail, you are DEFINITELY not going to be left alone.

Look. I know the World Trade center coming down NINE YEARS AGO was a tragedy. It didn't have to happen. Just a little more vigilance by airport security could have prevented it. BUT this steady wearing away of our personal freedoms is NOT acceptable. Our government has gone OVERBOARD in the name of "security".

Secure? Really? I don't feel secure knowing some hired hand can look at me naked, or grope me wholesale without probable cause. Cops need a warrant to search our houses. Shouldn't similar probable cause be required before someone gets to aggressively frisk me?

"But if it saves a life..." some lemming will say. I don't know that I want to live a life where I am a suspected terrorist just for having a sense of dignity. I am a moral, law abiding citizen. I expect to be treated as such. I know that means that bad things will happen because of bad people, and some may die because of it. I MAY DIE someday because some trigger happy nutcase has to take his frustration out on innocent people. News Flash! We ALL die sometime. The TSA is not going to change that with all their groping.

So if we all die, then what matters most is how we live. I refuse to live as if THE GOVERNMENT knows what's best for me. I'm writing to every government representative I can to tell them, ENOUGH! And if I don't see action, or even a satisfactory answer then they will not get my vote next time around.

I could call for a boycott of the airline industry. Wouldn't it be great if we could SHUT DOWN the country over this? You'd see some backtracking alright. But I know it won't happen because there are enough lemmings who are too scared of "Mr. Terrorist" and too trusting of "Our Government" to stand up for themselves. I wonder when the lemmings would finally protest such treatment. Would it take having these scanners and aggressive friskings at the door of the elementary schools? Would it take having these procedures at the public transportation stations before they would speak up? How about sporting events? Lockerroom checks for peewee football? Just what would it take?

Please contact your congressmen/women, I BEG YOU.

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Andy said...

I am writing my representatives.