Monday, November 8, 2010

"Maybe I need a horse." by mormonhermitmom

Vroom, vroom, and just a little zoom.

Don't look like much and might need a clutch.

What a bad day, I need a new relay.

Don't have much class with broken glass.

Doom, doom, headed for the tomb.

Needs a crutch, and parts and such.

If I had my way, in the junk yard it would stay.

But there's no cash, can't come to pass.
A new car is nixed, so the old one we must fix.


Lourie said...

It's the pioneer way. Fix it, sew it, repair it, or live without. I am worried about the state of my van. Especially since neither my husband or myself are mechanically inclined.

Anonymous said...

There is a lady from Grantsville,
Whose cars are on the downhill,
Just hope they still have breaks,
Or they might end up in the lake,
Wouldn't that be just terrible?
(Well! YOU come up with something that rhythms with Grantsville!!!)
I think Mike's the MAN, the miracle man, when it comes to cars!