Tuesday, November 9, 2010



I'm participating with CA Girl's "Status Quote" - selected bits and pieces from Facebook/Twitter without the names of course, to protect the not so innocent.
Here's a sample.

Two muffins are in an oven. One muffin says to the other, "Sure is hot in here." The other one says, "HOLY CRAP A TALKING MUFFIN"

was riding a horse yesterday and fell off. I almost got killed! THANK GOODNESS the Walmart greeter saw what happened and came over and unplugged it.

One minute you're hot snot on a silver platter - the next - a cold booger on a paper plate. hahahaha cant quit laughing!

Well I guess its time to get off of Facebook and trash the house, there's no point in letting the kids have all of the fun. LOL

‎"A cross-eyed teacher can keep twice the number of children in order than any other, because the pupils do not know who she's looking at."


Lourie said...

BHAHAHAHAHA! A talking muffin! HAHAHAHA! These were awesome. Thanks so much for playing.

Emmy said...

Lol! Those are some great status. Too funny