Thursday, October 28, 2010

Say What? There has to be a handout for EVERYTHING?

It is one of those busy days: vote in the morning, den meeting in the afternoon, attend choir concert in the evening.

Finally, everyone at home and bouncing off the walls but only minutes from bedtime, my oldest brings me not one, not two, but three handouts from school. I'm perusing them and suddenly #2 and #3 children bring me handouts and shove them in my hands. I'm stunned by the sudden deluge and the frustrated realization that most of them are DUPLICATES! (The trees, people, the trees!)

I'm trying to read these silly things at the same time the kids are TELLING me what they say and just as I'm about to shout "NO MORE!" one more piece of paper falls on top of the pile.

I stare at THAT one and just look up at my husband, who is grinning ear to ear.

"I felt left out. I wanted to give you a piece of paper too," he says.

I then commence tickling him mercilessly, stopping short of tackling him to the floor.



Lourie said...

I think they should send stuff electronically. I am more likely to see it and REMEMBER it.

Charlotte said...

I hate all the duplicates, too. The handout from your husband is sweet, though. In a "needs to bed tickle tackled" kind of way.