Monday, October 11, 2010

Head scratchers

1. Why do "late start" school days mean there's even MORE of a rush to get the kids out the door?

2. Why do I get a phone call from the school AFTER the natural gas leak in the science lab has forced an evacuation of all students, the firemen and utility guys check it all out, the leak gets fixed and students resume as normal and the kids get home just as usual?

3. Why is it the teacher that I NEED to see at parent teacher conferences because my child is getting an "incomplete" in her class ISN'T THERE?

4. Why is it the more tired I am, the worse I sleep at night?

5. Why do PBSKids shows seem more intelligent than primetime t.v.?


Abbie said...

1. I think it is the label of "late start". Children see that as their mission.
2. I am surprised you got a phone call at all!
3. Clearly she can't justify the "incomplete" and is scared of you.
4. They say that about kids too. The over-tired thing.
5. Absolutely more intelligent!

Cherie said...

Wow Good questions all! I have no answers except as I was reading them I was thinking - Yeah why?

I really despise late start - awful idea anyway!!! Just for the record - hee hee.

I sleep horrible when I am already tired. I have had the same question as you. Crazy

Lourie said...

It does seem to be that when need sleep the most, we get the least. *sigh*