Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday Movie Night: Some songs NEVER get out of your head

My husband and I were trying to get our kids to go to bed. Our oldest likes to try to stay put after our family prayers and chat a bit. We were TIRED. Trying to think of anything that would drive her away from her fuddy duddy parents, I started to sing this song.

My grandmother used to watch this all the time. Apparently so did my husband's grandmother. My daughter just sat there wondering what I was doing. My husband was trying not to bust out laughing. I remember having to endure this program - back in the day when all there was to watch was broadcast t.v. No videos, no cable. The end credit theme was so sickeningly sweet but it was the signal that the end was near.

So of course, I had to share it with you here. No, no. Don't thank me. Your comments are thanks enough.


Andy said...

This is what I imagine hell being like.

Cherie said...

I used to watch this with my grandma when I was little and can still sing that song by heart!! Ha ha

Lourie said...

Oh man!!! My daughter totally does this. She has always done this. That chit chat to prolong the inevitable! I will have to remember that. Of course she would just say, "What are you DOING!?" hahaha

Ruth Ann said...

Oh, Man! PINK! I watched a few Lawrence Welk shows - I remember the King Sisters and the King Family being on there especially.
But PINK! Oh, what colors we used to enjoy.