Monday, October 25, 2010

Brrrr....that was fast.

The last two days we've had almost knock-you-off-your-feet wind around here. Last night it was just pounding us, and the power went off. (I think that was my cue to GET OFF THE COMPUTER!) It was nearly midnight and everyone else was in bed asleep. (Darn insomnia.) I made sure everyone was covered with enough blankets in case the outage went on through the night. Then I went to bed. About 15 minutes later, all the smoke alarms went off, and the lights I thought I had switched off came on, which meant I had to get up and turn everything off. (I'm amazed that only I seemed to hear the smoke detectors. If the bed burns while I'm sleeping in it, heaven help my family because no one will wake up to save me!)

Anyway. The weather report says that tonight will be our first frost of the autumn, so it was time to get all the rest of the pumpkins in.

I was a little disappointed that sooo many pumpkins didn't quite ripen. They will be what I have my kids carve this Halloween. (I'm thinking green pumpkin = zombies, Frankensteins, and aliens in a row.) I can't be too sad though, because I did get about 15 ripe pumpkins this harvest, two of which I've given to neighbors and two I've already cooked up into pumpkin pies, pumpkin bread and pumpkin waffles. I don't know that jack-o-lantern pumpkins make better baked goods than Libby's canned pumpkin, but HEY! At least no one got food poisoning. Always a plus.

While getting the pumpkins in, I found this one wedged in the fence slats. I still haven't figured out how to get it out whole without dismantling the fence. Now I can't get this out of my head:

"You karate yes, or you karate no. You karate, 'guess so', squished just like grape."

Thank you Mr. Miyagi. Only now it's "you grow in neighbor's yard yes, you grow in neighbor's yard no, you grow in fence, squish like pumpkin."

And last but not least, this little gem I noticed out in front of our house.

My kids brought this little marigold home last spring in a cup. A class project that I didn't have much faith would live once it was outside in our hard clay excuse-for-soil, somehow hung in there all summer long with nary a bloom on it. Now, days before a hard freeze will kill it off, it finally blossoms. Better late than never I guess.


Cherie said...

Fall is definately here!! We have had rain and fog and a little frost. All of our trees are beautiful - I love it!!
My husband didn't want to turn on the heater in the house but we were all freezing - ha ha.
The pumpkins around here were kind of orange and green too - a weird growing season I guess. Oh well!

The Mom said...

Can I ask you a question about using your pumpkins for pies and such? I have tried to cook down my own pumpkins, but it is always so runny. When you buy it from the store, it is pretty firm. How do you get it that way? I want to use my own!

Lourie said...

Look at all your pumpkins! I love the Zombies, aliens, and Frankenstein....erm that is pronounced, "Fraun- ken- steen!" :P

mormonhermitmom said...

The instructions I used said you can drain your puree (glop) by putting it in a strainer over a bowl in the fridge for about thirty minutes, which is what I did.