Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Say what? The kid should have quit while he was ahead.

Our rented home has light beige carpet.


Anyway, I make everybody leave their shoes at the door to hopefully forestall the expensive deep cleaning such a carpet requires.

Yesterday, I was standing on the vinyl flooring right at the front door and tying my shoes. The door was open and my four year old son had his slip-ons on and was trying to get out.

He said: Mom. You have a big butt.

I said (in a slightly annoyed tone): Well, sorry about that, I'm trying to get my shoes on here. Go around me.

He went around me, got down the steps and came back to say: Mom, I like your butt!

Sigh. Well, we may have honesty down, but it seems we need to do lessons on tact.


Lourie said...

Sometimes kids honesty is a precious thing. And sometimes...well sometimes we wish they knew how to keep it to themselves. haha.

Vern said...

I think your son and my son may have been separated at birth.