Monday, September 27, 2010

Say What? It's all good.

The Primary is our church's children's organization. They meet on Sunday and the kids take turns saying prayers, giving talks, and Primary teachers do their best to impart spiritual nourishment while trying to keep the little ones in their seats. They do a big program once a year during our main worship service. The Saturday before is their last chance to assign little speaking parts and then send them home with a snack.

My two boys and my younger girl are in Primary. The two boys had little speaking parts, and my daughter gave a one minute talk about her baptism, which happened not too long ago.

She was given a topic for her talk by the Primary president, and although I suggested she talk about her baptism experience as a way to address the topic, she did the writing all by herself. I had skimmed through it before the Saturday rehearsal, but didn't delve too deeply because eight year old handwriting can be a challenge sometimes.

So yesterday was the first time I got to hear the whole thing. I was impressed. My favorite part, and the part that got the audience chuckling, I'll paraphrase here:

The best things about being baptized. One, I got to be a member of the church, and two, the water was kinda hot.

The songs were sweet and simple. One Primary favorite is "Follow the Prophet". There are as many verses as there are prophets in the scriptures. They cut it down to about three for the program; Abraham, Noah, and Enoch. The chorus is simple and is usually the easiest to hear. During the program, two Sunbeams (members of the four year old class) sang (yelled) their loudest.


Those two Sunbeams outdid the rest of the 30 plus kids in the Primary combined. The Bishop just couldn't help but thank them by name after he read that scripture that says "make a joyful noise".

My youngest boy is in the Sunbeam class too, but his contribution was a meltdown when he objected to being the THIRD Sunbeam to do his little speaking part. Those angel Sunbeam teachers had him calmed down enough in a minute that he could finally get up to the podium, with lower lip stuck out as far as it would go. He paused, his little brows wrinkled together, looking so disappointed. I was desperate for him to catch my eye so I could give him some non-verbal encouragement. (It was harder than it sounds; he just got new glasses and had a patch on to help work his "lazy eye".)Finally he looked out straight at the congegation and performed his part.

"I 'bey Jesus when I nice."

You could feel the members all breathe a sigh of relief for him. The Sunbeams sat down and the graham crackers came out. I made sure I thanked the Sunbeam teachers after the meeting. They've got hearts of gold, those ladies do.

I couldn't help but think how Christ cherished these little souls, how He wouldn't turn them away during His ministry on earth. I was a blubbering mess by the end of it. I couldn't even sing the closing hymn all the way through.

I'm not much of a mom, but moments like those make me want to try harder to do better and wonder how someone like myself could be blessed with four precious children.


Lourie said...

Ours was last week. And I was sooo afraid my son would panic at the thought of being up there. He didn't. We have like 10 or 15 Sunbeams. And they sang Follow the Prophet the same way. hahaha. I made it through without crying. I think it is because I was too afraid my son would freak out.

Elaine said...

That is so sweet!! Thanks so much for sharing.

i remember one program when the (9) kids were singing I am a Child of God and one little girl screamed it the whole time. It was too cute!

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Pam said...

I'll bet Heavenly Father watches those primary programs and just beams at his babies in training!

Sarah Bishop Jackson said...

I love the Primary programs in Sacrament meeting. There is nothing like those Sunbeams!! Ours was a couple of weeks ago and I had tears in my eyes a few times.

Mom said...

Not much of a Mom? I beg to differ!

Crystal Escobar said...

aw, that is adorable!