Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Pumpkins Galore! by mormonhermitmom

One pumpkin,

two pumpkins,

three pumpkins,


Five pumpkins,

six pumpkins,

seven pumpkins,


One escaping to the neighbor next door.

Twin pumpkins nestled on the garden floor.

Though watering them is sure a chore,

The kids are excited for what's in store.

Jack-o-lanterns, toasted seeds, and pies they adore.

So we're counting, and praying for, pumpkins galore!


Momof5 said...

Very awesome! I want one! Wonder what shipping on that bad bay would be? Oh well, buy local and dream of wild, west pumpkins......

Andy said...

Love the poem! Get ready for Halloween everybody.

Pam said...

Well done!

Lourie said...

Cute poem. And you have some mad gardening skills, my friend!!

Kierra said...

JEALOUS! Our pumpkins totally bit the dust...they didn't even sprout this year! Have fun with them!

Mormon Mommy Blogs said...

Um, you're cute. The end.