Monday, September 13, 2010

Late start this morning?

So our school district likes to throw a "late start" at us on some Monday mornings.

I think it's so the faculty can have their meetings and still get paid for it.

Or if I listen to my "conspiracy theorist" mind, it's because every once in a while, somebody over there partied a little too much over the weekend and needs an extra hour to nurse their black coffees.

Anyhoo...It's something of a mixed blessing. The kids get a little extra sleep but somehow I end up getting earlier that morning. I know. What is UP with that?

On the other hand, the house is tidied up a little earlier. I don't mind that. Just means when I want a nap later, I'll have time.

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Lourie said...

Out here it is the high school kids who do the late starts. And when they do, there is usually no seminary. Since my husband was released as Seminary Principal I don't know if they still do that. The middle school and elementary kids have early release Mondays. It's a pain too because the middle school gets out 5 minutes after the elementary kids. Which means the teen has to wait--impatiently.