Thursday, September 16, 2010

In My Dreams

Dear Credit Score Companies:

Please remit $15.00 in royalties for the use of my name and information for your profit. Please remit an additional $20.00 for not giving me credit because as the SAHM of the house I don't earn the paycheck but I make sure the bills get paid on time. Also remit $50.00 for assuming that you have the right to tell complete strangers that I should be offered credit cards I don't want.

Total fee for one calendar year = $85.00.

Warning: Failure to pay will result in referral of your account to a collection agency. You agree to pay all court costs and attorney fees.


Shauna said...

I am new here! Just wanted to say hi :)
Shauna from

Lourie said...

I think I should give this a try. Do you know what really burns me with credit cards and say your cable bill...ours are in HIS name. They won't let me do anything with the account, because I am not named on it. Well who do they think is paying that bill!?