Thursday, September 9, 2010

How many cars have we killed?

Our Neon pooped out on us yesterday, necessitating I drive our Dodge Caravan to tow it home. With a tow rope. I know some are nervous doing that, because it does take some coordination. The tow-er has to take it easy - not accelerating too quickly because that would either (a) snap the tow rope and/or (b) give the person steering the tow-ee whiplash and/or (c)break something off of the tow-er and/or the tow-ee. The tow-er also has to take it easy on braking so as not to (a) put too much slack in the tow rope thereby letting it unhook from the to-wer and/or to-wee, and/or (b) stop before the driver of the tow-ee notices resulting in the tow-er getting rearended by the tow-ee, possibly causing the tow-er to become a second tow-ee.

Have I totally confused you yet? You're saying, "Or you could just fork over the $50-$75 to call a tow truck."

True, but since we were looking at at least that much money to buy parts for the tow-ee to get fixed, towing ourselves seemed the more reasonable option.

Luckily, (luckily?) hubby's Jeep was just a couple of parts away from being operable, whereas the Neon would need diagnosing still. So the Jeep is now up and running after months of puttering in the garage. My hubby took it to work this morning. This cold, chilly, rainy, windy morning.

This cold, chilly, rainy, windy morning on an hour commute in a Jeep with no doors or roof. He wore his bad-weather-motorcycle duds. Crazy you say? Why didn't I just let him take my Caravan today, you say?

Yeah I wondered that myself but not until I was up and showered first. I just don't think well early in the morning. I could have kept the Jeep here and used it to take my daughter to the dentist, which is just down the road, rather than letting my husband take the Jeep to work. Shoot.

My hubby is such a knight in a battered red Jeep. "I hate leaving you without a vehicle," he says. "What if something happened to one of the kids?"

What a man.


Lourie said...

My husband would do the same. He would not let me drive the lesser vehicle. I do hope your car situations improves. It certainly is time!

Pam said...

Dang cars!