Monday, April 12, 2010

Say What? Maybe we need to go over budgeting again.

We were at one of those giant stores. I helped my older daughter find some pants. The older son was supposed to be trying out shoes with my hubby but he had neglected to wear socks and my hubby thought it was gross to have him try on new shoes in his bare feet (I agree). My younger daughter had wanted me to follow her somewhere else to point out what she wanted but I cut her off, "When I'm done here, I'll see what you want." I thought I heard her say "socks" or something like that. Remembering that all her Sunday hose had runs in them (oh, who am I kidding, the knees are TOTALLY blown out), I found a three pack of tights in different colors figuring that they would coordinate with most of her dresses.

Once the whole family had reunited in the middle of the store, I handed the tights to my younger daughter and asked if they would be okay.

She said, "Mom, this is what I NEED, not what I WANT."

And that's a bad thing? Sheesh.

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