Monday, April 12, 2010

Budding pyromania

With wildly overgrown trees at our new digs, we've had to take advantage of open burn season here in our rural town. It's just easier to burn the trimmings than try to pack it all into our garbage can for pickup.

My older son made it clear that he wanted in on the action, and he was lucky the conditions were right on Saturday so he could be home for it.

Stuff in newspaper, check the wind,

Light 'er up.

Don't worry. There was a hose at the ready and a full bucket of water, along with a sturdy shovel; hence a totally controlled burn. In fact the kids got bored watching it after an hour or two. I figure if the kids have a need to play with matches, keep it contained.

I ended up feeding a lot of weeds and other yard waste into it. Five hours later I felt nice and toasty - with a sunburn. I knew I was playing with fire, but Come ON!