Monday, March 29, 2010

Who was that masked cub scout?

We did this a while ago.

We don't have widespread recycling here in our new place that there is in Oregon, so we have to get more creative in the way we "reuse" things. Like milk jugs.
Make sure it's cleaned out well. Sour milk smell is hideous.

Cut out the handle and spout with some tough scissors or a craft knife. If your child's head is small, like say toddler size, this is all the cutting you need to do except for eyes (you flip it upside down and the base sits nicely on the top of the head - no straps or elastic or strings needed to hold it on). If your child's head is larger, cut the jug in half.

Cut out eyeholes and little slits on the sides to attach string or elastic. Use permanent markers to draw the face or glue stuff like feathers, bits of wrapping paper, or whatever else you have.

These are some I did to give the boys ideas. I thought pipe cleaner worked well for whiskers. Here's my bobcat.

My wolf.

My bear.

I show them cute animals and they choose to do...a skull with a bloody nose.

Jack Skellington.


And the witch doctor.


Andy said...

I like the witch doctor mask. It's the most creative of the bunch. What boyish fun!

Elaine said...

whoa!!! That's pretty cool. I'll have to remember this one for my kiddies.

Enter to win a William Riera dress!

Lourie said...

Those came out really cool! Leave it to boys to make HellBoy, Jack Skellington and the like!

Sarah Bishop Jackson said...

How creative!! That is something I will remember for either my next stint in Cubs or even for grandkids!

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