Saturday, March 13, 2010

We have seasons. They change each week.

This was just a few days ago...I've been pruning and raking and enjoying the sunshine.

I don't insist that my kids wear helmets when climbing trees. They decided they wanted them. I was in this tree pruning and they left their bike helmets on to "stay safe" in case I dropped a branch on their heads. Pretty smart kids I think. My daughter even brought me MY bike helmet in case I dropped a branch on my own head. It's a good thing I'm a SAHM and not a real lumberjack, or OSHA would have had my head.

This is today. It started out as rain this morning. It turned into little flakes, then bigger flakes. It has snowed lightly but steadily all day long. After dinner, all four kids went out to play in it. They even decided to transfer some snow from the side of the house to the front where they were trying to start a snowfort. We really didn't get enough snow to do that, but I thought it was great that for a brief moment, all four kids were happily doing something together without my encouragement and without bickering.

I guess we'll have winter for a while yet. Or at least for a couple of days at least.


Anonymous said...

What do you do with all those cuttings?
Will they let you burn things in your own yard?
Wow you've done a lot of work, then comes the snow, are you getting tired of it yet like I am?

Anonymous said...

I have added you to LDS Listings. THANKS!

Lourie said...

How weird to have all that lovely sunshine and outside weather, to have it turn to snow.

Sarah Bishop Jackson said... in Utah and we can have all 4 seasons withing a few days. :)