Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Top Ten Things I Would Rather Do Than Work On A Tax Return

For the record, our tax returns have been filed. Phew. A dreaded task over for another year. But if there were a magic, free tax return fairy who wanted to barter jobs, this is what I would be willing to do:

1. Babysit 10 children for a whole day.
2. Go to 9 monthly PTA meetings.
3. Scrub out the large outside garbage can with a toothbrush.
4. Get hosed by a skunk.
5. Wash the family laundry by hand.
6. Delouse my children.
7. Muck out the stalls at an industrial dairy farm.
8. Listen to Glenn Beck for a whole hour.
9. Watch an episode of The View.
10. Check myself into GITMO for some waterboarding.


Elaine said...

LOL I didn't do ours this year... my husband did! :D


The Mom said...

I would love to do your tax return in exchange for you doing all those things for me! Seriously! Babysit 10 children or relax with numbers that don't scream or poop their pants? Simple choice for me!

Lourie said...

Ours are done too...just waiting for the money to roll in! haha. I don't do them. Hubby does. I would never babysit 10 kids...that is seriously desperate! LOL. The whole list was LOL funny!

Sarah Bishop Jackson said...

Newell does ours. It actually isn't too bad since we keep things organized during the year.

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

LOL, amen to that!!
Thanks for your comment on my MMB post. For some reason I was worried it would be taken the wrong way and I'd have a angry mob chasing me down!

Terresa said...

This post really made me laugh.

Not sure if it's from relief (as my dear husband just finished filing our taxes tonight).

Or pity...
or concern.

The water boarding sounds hideous, especially if it's anything like what happened in Dan Brown's "The lost symbol"...

The PTA meetings, not so good, either.

Or the babysitting 10 kids.

Best to you in getting through this. Should mail you a sympathy card? ;)

mormonhermitmom said...

Thanks Teressa. No sympathy necessary. Just tell your congessman that the IRS tax code should be banned by the Geneva Conventions as cruel and unusual torture. LOL

Andy said...

I guess I don't make enough to make my taxes complicated. Sorry.

Nicole said...

oh come on! Where is your sense of fun?

Stacy said...

Coming over from MMB...

This list made me (and my husband!) laugh. I mean, seriously, an hour of Glen Beck? That's some serious tax hatred!

I run a small business out of my home. Our taxes aren't fun either. Thankfully, my husband's an accountant, and my job is to stay out of the way.