Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Cub Scout Cut-ups

Today's den meeting was about doing a little service and earth stewardship.
We picked up garbage. I had six or seven boys show up, I think our highest total yet, and after passing out rubber gloves, bags and tied bright orange plastic streamer for the sake of cheap visibility, we circled the church and surrounding environs.

You would think that they were looking for treasure.

"I call it!" pointing to a foot long piece of aluminum siding.

"I know where there's LOTS of garbage!" pointing to his own back lot.

"I found cigarette butts," yelled from the middle of the church parking lot.

"I found a BEER bottle!" exults an older boy.

"I saw that foam first!" squeaks a younger boy.

"Score! TWO beer bottles!"

"Oooh, a wire. I'm saving this."

Before I knew it, all the grocery plastic bags were full to overflowing (should have brought larger bags). I thought I'd have trouble getting them excited. I had neglected to snag a bag of treats as an incentive, but it turned out I didn't need any. They were asking if there were a contest on who got the most. Sadly, no. But I'll remember that for next time. I admit I was genuinely surprised at their enthusiasm, but I guess they are boys. Anything gross is fascinating.


Lourie said...

Yes boys do love the icky stuff. Why is that? haha.

Laura Lynn said...

That is funny and so cute too.

Sarah Bishop Jackson said...

Good going!! When I was Cub master we did our neighborhood park a few times (although they were asking what treat I had for them) :)