Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Communication please.

Last Sunday, I was doing my best to keep my younguns quiet (which is all I can hope for when Sacrament Meeting comes at the END of the three hour block), Bro. W. announced that the Cub Scouts would be handing out bags for the "Scouting for Food" drive that would later be picked up by the Boy Scouts on Saturday. Being one of the Den Leaders, I was a little surprised.

"When were you going to let the den leaders know?" I peevishly thought.

That afternoon in Cub Committee meeting I asked the Cub Master if he knew about the bag business. "Oh, they always surprise us." Huh?

When it comes to group activities, I like to have things planned out in advance. I can be flexible if necessary, but a heads-up would be nice.

If your local Cub Scouts/Boy Scouts pass out a plastic bag this week, please feel free to pack it full and leave it on your doorstep this Saturday before 9 a.m. I'd hate for those boys to miss out on some good strength training, mostly bicep curls. Lots of non-perishable canned goods = pumping iron.


Lourie said...

1. Sacrament at the end of church is just....torture. Even for the grown up with no kids. haha.

2. No memo??? Sheesh!

3. Doesn't it make you wonder what the next surprise will be?

Anonymous said...

When I was Primary president the Stake would bring the envelopes and say, PASS THEM OUT! I organized the activity and two kids showed up. Guess you passed them out to the WHOLE ward?
I did it different the next year!

Sarah Bishop Jackson said...

Never had that problem....we always have had at least 2 weeks notice. You are to be commended!!