Monday, March 1, 2010

Another way to insert exercise into your day by accident

Actually, I was trying to avoid an accident. When those pesky brake pedals have to be STOOD ON to bring the van to a stop, it's time to take the van to the shop.

Now most of the time, I would have my hubby follow me in the second car to drop off the first car and then he would drive me home. Well, he has been at work when the shop was open, and I still badly needed the van, so it didn't get done. And we found that with his upcoming work schedule, it WOULDN'T get done.

The solution? Put a bike rack in the tow hitch, put hubby's bike on it, drive the van with the bike on the back to the shop a mile or two down the road, drop off the van, take the bike off the van, and pedal back before the preschooler's bus shows up at home.

Those home exercise videos aren't doing much. Maybe I'd better figure out how to take a bike ride everyday. Phew!


Lourie said...

A mile!? I might be able to ride 1/16 of a mile! haha I think your inventive ways of accidentally exercising are better than the work out videos anyway.

Andy said...

I remember one time I was working out to our sister's Paula Abdul's aerobic workout video, and you came to join the fun. And with the brakes, I hope they are fixed soon. Very scary to have loose brakes.

Elaine said...

Nice! You should try riding when doing errands like going to the bank or something. I was going to say the grocery store but then you'd have to make 100 trips.

Pam said...

Sounds like the old camo truck when the auto steering went out. I couldn't steer or brake, scary!!

Sarah Bishop Jackson said...

All this exercise is doing your heart good!!!