Monday, February 15, 2010

Why did the weekend seem more hectic?

Well, first off, grandparents came with an aunt and an uncle. The kids had fresh meat, er, new playmates to play their new board games they got for Christmas. The hubby made dutch oven breakfast for dinner with a peach cobbler that was perfect. We found out my father in law is the KING of Monopoly. Totally dominated us. The kids bowed out early but I went to the death with him and I went down hard.

When church starts at 11 a.m., ends at 2 p.m., and then choir practice is right after that, I'm STARVING once I get home. Somehow I have to learn to smuggle in Cheerios to sacrament meeting again.

Today we get to meet up with the grandparents again to explore a children's museum we haven't seen yet. I'm so glad I won't be hauling a diaper bag or a baby bucket, er, carseat. My babies were adorable but I'm glad I'm out of the baby stage.

Can't wait for school to start again. Darn long weekends.


Lourie said...

I am glad to be out of the baby stage too. We are on the same schedule as you. It's a rough one. Bring a snack have it before Sunday School starts. Unless it is fast Sunday of course. ;) were you like me, and thought it meant that church would be FAST! LOL

Andrew said...

The museum looks fun.

Elaine said...

Hahahaha!!! I love long weekends... ;)

megara said...

Okay, we have church from 1-4 and luckily I teach primary now, that way I can snack when the sunbeams snack...otherwise, I'd probably cry. Hubs doesn't like it when I snack in the chapel. hahaha

Sarah Bishop Jackson said...

It seems as if you have to rest up from long weekends and vacations! Sounds like you had fun.