Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Say What? Bad language

My youngest has discovered name-calling. (Sigh)

When he is trying to push someone's buttons: "You poopy cat!"

When someone has swiped his toast: "You knuckle-butt!" (I think this is an amalgamation of two phrases he saw in different shows; "monkey butt" and "knuckle head".)

When he is attempting cheerful banter: "You bucko" (from the third Ice Age movie).

When he really wants to start something, "You toopid poopy cat knuckle butt!"

When he is hurt: "You BABY! You in bi' trubbow!"

I usually reserve the hot sauce for the adult bad words but I may have to get a little more strict with this one.


Elaine said...

LOL They're kind of cute!! ;)


Pam said...

Question: As the oldest sibling do you remember ever hearing this kind of language from YOUR siblings while we were gone? OR is that opening a can of worms, it could have been worse!HAHAHA

Lourie said...

They are kind of funny...but I see your point.

Sarah Bishop Jackson said...

Sometimes it is hard not to laugh when they come up with things like that.