Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I can't believe I did that AGAIN!

So if you haven't already heard about my first oops in our new town, you can go here.

And I locked myself out of the house AGAIN. The preschool bus dropped off my youngest and I walked him to the door and it was LOCKED. And my keys were inside and my cell phone was inside and....ergh.

BUT. In a lucid moment weeks ago, I had put a spare key on my son's bicycle lock keyring. He was at school. A mile away. Oh well. Beats $50.00 to a locksmith again.

So my 4 year old and I walked to school. I signed the guest register. We got a drink at the water fountain. We quietly walked into my son's class, and without breaking the teacher's stride, we retrieved the spare and we left. We walked home.

Once in the door I realized I had bread in the oven. I panicked at first, BUT my oven has this wonderful baking timer that TURNS OFF the oven at the end. The bread was a little more brown than I usually make it, but it wasn't burned. Technology can be so wonderful.

I forgot Wednesdays were early release days. We weren't home for more than 15 minutes when my kids got home from school. I could have just walked down the street with the 4 year old to the library and hung out there and my older son could have let me in when he got home. Oh well. That's two walking miles of accidental exercise. Not bad.


Pam said...

WOW you are becoming like your sister (guess which one) and your mother. Yesterday I went to Walmart and brought out my goods, put them on the backseat and put down my keys. I didn't realize that I had pushed the lock button when I did. I closed the door and VIOLA I was locked out. It's a good thing your Dad wasn't in court or I would have just sat there! That's twice in the last year!!!!!!!!!!! UGH

Andy said...

You got me there.

Sarah Bishop Jackson said...

Have you ever thought of putting in a key pad? We have neighbors that have it and they love it.

Crystal Escobar said...

haha, thats funny. Well, that's good you had given your son an extra key. Accidental exercise is always a plus right :)

Lourie said...

I used to lock myself out all the time in VA. We lived in military housing there. Here, I always go through the garage because there is actually room in it for the van!