Wednesday, January 6, 2010

What has this world come to????

I wanted my kids to see the mountain playground I would go sledding at when I was a kid. The pavilion there has a big fireplace. People would bring some wood and get a fire going and anybody that got a little cold could warm themselves up. The old tire innertubes used to bounce down the hill behind the pavilion and there would be shrieks and delighted whooping cutting through the near frozen air. Kids would link together in "trains" to see how fast they could go. Spills and near collisions were all part of the day, and when you couldn't drag yourself up the hill anymore, we'd all pile in the back of Dad's pickup truck and try to catch a chilly nap on our tubes and sleds as Dad carefully geared his way down the mountain. We'd peel off our soaked and chilled clothes in front of the woodburning stove and stay there until all the feeling came back into fingers and toes. It was great.

But now...there's a sign at the hill that says you CAN'T do that anymore.

You gotta be kidding me.

I've accepted the fact that you can't put a bunch of kids in the back of a pickup (no car seats). It's no fun, but I get it.

I've accepted the thought of having helmets on when biking and sledding and skiing and anything else that involves speed or height to protect one's noggin.

What I can't accept is that all the good things about being a kid should be locked up and kept at arm's reach because, SOMEONE MIGHT GET HURT. I'm a daughter of a lawyer. I get the whole "avoiding liability" thing. I know health insurance companies would love it if the only activity people participated in was just enough gym workouts to stay healthy and out of the hospital. They love to make someone else pay the doctor bills if someone slips on ice, gets dowsed with hot coffee, or gets injured on equipment that was defective or not "used in an appropriate manner". I get all of that and it makes me sick.

LIFE is RISK! Just a little note to all the people who like to use the court system to get rich, SUCK IT UP! For the people that want everyone to live life as if all there was to do is sit on the couch and watch professionals have all the fun, GET OUTTA MY FACE! And for all you well-meaning but misguided principals that ban TAG from your schools, YOU WONDER WHY KIDS ARE BECOMING OBESE?! And for all the insurance adjustors out there GO JUMP IN THE LAKE! Finally, for all those county politicians that think they know what's good for everybody, GET YOUR OWN LIFE!

Common sense people! Be responsible for yourselves! If you don't want to take a risk, leave everybody else alone! I'll pay the doc if I decide to do something scary. That's the price I'm willing to pay if I want to do something fun. I'm not asking for someone else to take my lumps for me! Everybody needs to pay their own way right?

Okay. I'm done ranting on my soap box. Unless someone bans the use of soap boxes, then I may throw my soap box at him (just to make a point of course, not with intent to maim or injure).


Lourie said...

I remember when I was a kid and we'd go to Ogden Canyon to camp. I remember climbing up a pile of rocks, to the dirt part of the mountain and then up into the trees and then sliding down that dirt--straight toward the rocks!!! Yeah and there are pictures too. A trail of dust behind us. It was great! I was filthy dirty. I bet you can't do that anymore either.

Seriously, what is up with the no tag thing? There is a school in our district--my kids don't go there--that doesn't allow RUNNING! yeah...RUNNING! You may walk quick, but no running! What the...??? It's insane. can have the box again. :)

Lourie said...

Oh and PS...I have a surprise for you on my's on yesterday's post.

Pam said...

Well your Dad was so impressed with your comments that he had me copy them 4 times. He is going to take them to the mayor and others. Maybe he can get them to change the sign to: Play at your OWN risk!

Andrew said...

I remember when a person died on a tube, and they put up a sign saying no tubing. I can understand why the county wouldn't want a lawsuit on their hands because if they had to pay, the county would go bankrupt or the county residents would have huge tax hikes. It really does suck.

On another note, I remember Dad needed to snowblow a section of you-know-where in order to put up the army tent for the scouts' klondike derby. Tina, T.C. and I played on the slope the whole time. It was during the night and the stars were really brilliant. When Dad finished, he came over to the slope with the tobogan and wanted one ride down with all of us. All of us got up as high as we could. T.C. was in front, I was next, Tina was behind me, and Dad took the rear. Now, this tobogan was meant to drag stuff smoothly, so when we started, all of us got scared at how amazingly fast we rushed down. Not wanting to crash and hurt ourselves, Dad abandoned ship first hoping to slow down the tobogan. It didn't work. The tobogan gained speed. Tina then abandoned ship and a hundred feet later I abandoned ship. Poor T.C. stayed on the tobogan the whole time scared stiff. I think she even jumped the barrier and went into the trees along the street. It took us a minute for all of us to find T.C. still on the tobogan. We didn't use the tobogan again on the slope. Now I laugh, but I wonder if T.C. laughs at it now or not.

Together We Save said...

Oh that really stinks.... that sounds like a great place. Wonderful memories to share with your kids.

I agree with you too.... let them play.

Terresa said...

Good rant, I completely agree.

Dumb sign, I'd accidentally bump into it and knock it down. Ooops! And then sled to my heart's content.

Good luck!

BTW: That looks like the area outside of Cedar city on the way up Cedar Mnt, but I could be wrong. :)