Thursday, January 14, 2010

Say What: Sick

My almost four year old has a new excuse for everything he doesn't want to do.

"I' may me si" (It'll make me sick.)

When he doesn't want to get off the bus when he gets home from preschool;

"No, I not want go home, it make me sick!"

When he didn't want to stay in bed this morning;

"No, I not want go back to bed, I be sick!"

To which I replied, "You're becoming a little hypochondriac, aren't you."

And he said, "No, it make me sick."

My point exactly.


Andrew said...

The little twerp. :0)

Momof5 said...

Hahaha! The "I sick" stage. Too funny how they come up with that as an excuse. Enjoy!

Lourie said...

Ryan just says no. But if I am accusing him of something, it's "It was the invisible man."