Sunday, December 20, 2009

Winter Wonderland

In my backyard. Fog for two days. Temperatures in the 20's. I'm inside. Beautiful.


Anonymous said...

oh beautiful

Pam said...

How does Mike feel about battling that to work? Are the streets icy?

Nikia, May and da kids said...

Really SWEET pictures! I like the ice build up on the trees even if it is dangerous, it's nice to look at.

Ferron is my nephew we helped raise for years. We decided it was time for him to go back home to his parents in Utah and help set an example for his younger brothers and sisters with him preparing to go on a mission. He is from a family of 12 kids and is the first to graduate from HS and will be the first missionary from his family. His siblings weren't as "church oriented" as him.

It was hard to let our boy go but we made a prayerful decision and are relying on the Spirit to guide him. I knew everyone at church today knew why I spent Sacrament Mtg in tears. Both he and my son Marley are still staying with the time line our Bishop has set up for them. I will be posting that as soon as they get that letter from SLC.


Lourie said...

Beautiful! Tho I am quite happy with my mostly sunny skies and 58-65 temps.