Monday, December 28, 2009

What's your favorite calendar?

Do you like the calendars with glossy paper and full color pictures? Do you have one of those "planners" that say "I'm convinced I'll be successful if I buy these expensive binders with the huge fillers to document every appointment, event, meeting, personal time, receipt, coupon, plan, inspirational quote, and goal I'll ever have in life"? Do you prefer the flat, large paper desk calendar that sits under your keyboard? Do you jot notes on where all the family members need to be on a huge magnetic white board? Do you type in your hair appointments on your computer calendar? Do you schedule your important dates on your cellphone/blackwhosits/eyefone?

How do you plan your day(s)? Can you follow your plan or does life get in the way? Or do you plan at all? At what point is the "planning" taking more time than the "doing"?

Am I full of questions today or what?


Lourie said...

Hahahaha! I am an office junkie. I get lost in Office Depot. And could stand for hours drooling over paper and pens and all things organizational! And yet, I am hopelessly disorganized! I like picture calendars and I like a small one to keep track of appointments. I have done the date books. And such. What seems to work the absolute best for me is using my computer calendar. I get notices daily if I want. Easier to remember. You were full of questions, and I won't shut up. :)

Nikia, May and da kids said...

I have a calendar in the kitchen and over our office desk, so I can write down important dates or meetings. I keep my really important appts. plugged into my cell phone so the alarm can go off telling me I have exactly 90 mins to be where I have to be. That's about as scheduled as I get.


Pam said...

Both these guys sound TOO organized for me. I just mark things on the calendar and HOPE I look at it.
BTW that was too many questions for this poor old soul.

Andrew said...

I am with Nikia, May and da kids with this one. Eventually, I will upgrade to a Blackberry.