Monday, December 14, 2009

Ready, Set, Run!

My to do list:

Mail bills

Mail orders

Fax hubby's stuff (Dear, would you mind? as I'm just getting out of bed and it's still dark in our room)

Find a skirt that will fit my daughter for a chorus concert I will have to PAY to go see. (I hate shopping for clothes, as my tired old sweats will attest.)

Figure out where the DMV is and figure out when the best time will be to go there since I have to drag the three year old with me.

Drop off the Secret Santa gift.

Run to the store for hot dog buns and ice melt.

Bake some bread and meet the neighbors.

Phew. Can't stick around can I?

It's Monday!


Lourie said...

Happy Monday to ya. Call and make an appt to the DMV. Less waiting that way. at least that is how it works here. Then maybe you can arrange for a sitter. Wal-mart. yeah, it sucks that you have to pay to see stuff. It didn't start for us til the oldest hit middle school. And it's not cheap either!

Andrew said...

The only thing I can say to myself is "It's for a good cause," for what it's worth.

Pam said...

You sound like a mommy and a wife.
Busy Busy Busy

Nikia, May and da kids said...

I like that you make it a point to meet the neighbors. When we first got to Minnesota I had so much to do to organize my family on coming here. We were all in different places. I forgot to make time to meet the neighbors, so now we are friends with only one family in our cul de sac.
Granted the people are cordial but isn't that the reason you move to the suburbs?? = )

Happy Monday!


Sarah Bishop Jackson said...

I love the fact that you went out to meet the neighbors. What a neat idea.

Ginny said...

Go to the DMV during a snow storm. I was in and out within 30 minutes last week at the one in draper. Glad you are back!