Friday, November 13, 2009

Windows of Heaven indeed

How's the move coming along? Funny you asked.

When my husband's company said there was a relocation benefit, we figured we move ourselves and then submit receipts to get reimbursed for some of the costs. We thought that idea was great, as no one had ever offered that to him before. I made reservations for equipment and travel, etc. etc. I started packing little by little and cleaning the corners when they were empty. I was operating on that assumption when....

My husband suddenly called and said, "They're moving us." As in they send a moving company that will pack up everything and haul it and we just drive ourselves to our new place. Un-be-lievable.

So, we'll be on the road this Thanksgiving Day. Not exactly a traditional way to spend the holiday, but, that's okay.

I'm frankly overwhelmed. We were so grateful when he got the job after much prayer and anxiety-though-trying-our-best-to-have-faith-that-things-will-work-out. We have been greatly blessed and I can't thank my Heavenly Father enough. I don't feel I deserve it. But my mother always said it's not polite to not accept a gift; you sincerely say, "Thank you".

I've sure got a lot to pay forward, but that'll be the fun part.


Lourie said...

They will likely unpack everything you have already packed and then repack it. Plus if you don't get rid of it, they will pack your garbage. I don't know if you have had pros before or not so ignore me if you have. You also should set aside anything you don't want them to pack--and let them know where the designated area is. It's amazing how fast they do it. They aren't supposed to pack candles or cleaning supplies, but they have been known. Be sure and check every nook and cranny because when we moved from VA to CA I had to give up a lot of stuff they missed. Again, if you have been through this before, I apologize for my ramblings. Best of luck. Have dinner at Ihop or Denny's that day. You get all the good stuff without all the mess!

Pam said...

THIS TOO SHALL PASS, just stay up with them.

T&JCrawford said...

So, you won't need family help that weekend? That would be cool because I was worried about ya. Is the companhy you are talking about the military?