Wednesday, November 4, 2009

To the Tune of "How Firm a Foundation"

You can hear the real song here if you don't know the tune.

I had a choice between sorting the laundry piled on my bed, and blogging and I chose blogging. Mount Washmore will have to wait for morning. Hey, I cleaned up the garage, and packed some boxes and cleaned out a corner. I have to choose my battles okay? And laundry will always be there. Always.

Now excuse me while I warm up....ahem (Cough, HACK, wheeze, mee, may, maw, mow, moo)

With gusto:

How lame are my muscles, they are not firm at all,
I try to move boxes and nearly hit the wall,
I roll out the handtruck and trudge to the garage,
With another load of junk, with another load of junk,
With another load of junk,
As I pray my heart won't stall.

The day is forthcoming when we will have to move.
I have not yet started to get into my groove.
I can't pick a corner and ruthlessly pack
'Cause my kids will start to whine, yes my kids will start to whine,
Oh my kids will start to whine,
"Hey, my stuff you must give back!"

My husband's not here, no he's many miles away.
He's at a motel where it's sunny all day.
I pack and I clean and I try to prepare
For this move across two states, for this move across two states,
for this move across two states,
Yes I know that life's not fair.

Please don't get me wrong now, I don't mean to complain.
I'm willing to move and despite the aches and pains,
The bumps in the road are just part of this life.
When we are back together, when we are back together,
When we are back together,
He'll have a grateful wife.

So bring on the boxes, the markers, tape and dust.
The future has called and it really is a must,
To sort through the crap, and make our burdens light,
To cast off unimportant stuff, to cast off unimportant stuff,
To cast off unimportant stuff,
And press on with our might.

Dear Lord, please be with us, as we go forth to work,
Be with us, inspire us, don't let us faint or shirk.
We're thankful to thee for all Thou dost provide.
Remind us of Thy loving care, remind us of Thy loving care,
Remind us of Thy loving care,
And please stay at our side.

You may now return to your regularly scheduled surfing. Thank you.


Sarah Bishop Jackson said...

Robyn, you are so funny! I love the humor you put in your blogs.....makes my day go a little better!

Pam said...

You are sooooo talented. I HOPE you are saving all this stuff to put into a book and sell it for millions! OH YEA I AM saving it all!

Lourie said...

hahaha! Too funny. Even funnier is me singing it! LOL

Nicole said...

this was funny! Having come off the move now a YEAR AGO (can you beleive it?) I can remember very vividly the bone tired weariness that comes from packing and hauling. And that tune is a little droll, isn't it?

superpaige said...

I LOVE your song! I make up silly songs all the time, or change the words, and my kids just roll their eyes at me.

Good luck with your packing and your move.