Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The momentum is picking up.

We're about two weeks away from the madness that is MOVING!

The reservations for the truck/tow dolly/trailer/hotel rooms have been made.

The walls are slowly coming out from behind all the pictures/posters/kites that never made it into the air.

The thrift store pile is getting higher. The number of bags of garbage floors me.

The garage slowly fills with boxes. I'm mentally saying goodbye to places and people as I run around trying to get some more spray cleaner, more stamps, MORE BOXES. So many things I'd like to do before I leave, but there will not be TIME!

The essentials: the stuff I know another child will use in a year, two years, saving me some bucks down the road; the stuff for emergencies I've never HAD to use (and never want to) but I don't dare get rid of, because I know once it's gone, I'll need it; the projects I've spent too much time on to just throw away yet; and the artifacts that remind me of all those little milestones and sidetrips in my life (you know the ones, the college ID cards, the ring you outgrew but that used to mean everything, the patch you earned at summer camp, the picture of that cute guy you used to date). It's hard not to travel back on that road when I see these things, feeling the idealism, the hope, the humiliation of past mistakes, but I'm sorry, can't do that, there is too much to do NOW. Into the box they go, or back into the box they came from, strap on the tape, scribble a note, and onto the teetering stack in the corner! There'll be time for nostalgia later.

Amidst all this, life keeps speeding along with the scraped knees, the "he touched me's", the missing homework, and the packing of lunches early in the morning.
It will stay the same, and yet soon, it will be new again.


Sarah Bishop Jackson said...

Ahhh, it is wonderful having a young family and moving. :) I have been there.

In a way I look at all the young families like yours and wish I could go back and do it again. Even with all it's challenging times, raising a family is wonderful.

Lourie said...

Where does the homework go? I love and hate moving. Love it because we are forced to purge and find those treasures that give a reason to pause. I hate it because...well...because it is a huge PAIN! You can do it.