Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Last look before we move on

My computer is getting packed soon (aack) and I don't know when I'll have internet access at the new place, so this is the last you'll get to see of my adorable munchkins for a while. (Don't worry, I've scheduled a months worth of Friday Movie Night clips for later.) I however will be seeing a LOT of them the next few days as they will not have T.V. except for in the motel room.

Taking a nice picture of these guys is challenging because rarely are they all smiling in the same direction.

And it's never long before someone instigates a wrestling match.

THAT one. The one poking his head out. He started it!


And have a Happy Thanksgiving!


Sarah Bishop Jackson said...

Have a safe trip down and we will see you sometime!!

Momof5 said...

Happy, happy, happy Turkey Day and I hope your Thanksgiving is a marvelous one! I will miss your updates for my morning coffee readings! Be safe and God bless your move and your family!

Lourie said...

Good luck to you! I will miss your posts and I look forward to your return. Happy Thanksgiving!!!