Thursday, November 19, 2009

If my great grandmother did it, so can I

My great grandmother started writing in a diary back in the 1920's. She wrote pretty well every single day. I only recall one entry that skipped a day, and she was sure to write about everything that happened the day she missed writing it down. This woman was a workhorse. Of course there weren't the modern conveniences we have now. Monday was wash day and that didn't just mean clothes scrubbed on a board and put through a real wringer, that meant sheets and tablecloths and linen napkins and sometimes curtains too. All hung up to dry, rain or shine, summer or winter, and then everything was IRONED when dry or almost dry. It wore me out just to read about Mondays. She'd say "Worked like beavers." Yes, Ma'am!

Well it wasn't exactly wash day as in laundry for me, it was deep cleaning the kitchen. I worked like a slow, gimpy beaver with a cold in the nose. Here goes:

Pulled out the washer, cleaned the hoses, cleaned the outside of it, detached the hoses, pulled it completely out and scrubbed the floor and walls behind the space where the washer sits.

Cleaned the shelf above the washer, cleaned the window (plus tracks) next to the washer.

Took out all the stuff in all the cabinets and wiped down the shelves and cabinet doors. Put a few select items in the Goodwill bag. Some spots required a brillo pad and lots of grease cleaner.

Cleaned the front of the dishwasher and inside the door. You would think that because it gets run everyday it would be clean right. Nope.

Cleaned out under the kitchen sink, a spider habitat.

Cleaned the outside of the fridge, inside the door of the freezer, pulled the fridge away from the wall and proceeded to clear away enough sediment to fill the Grand Canyon. Also a spider habitat, with present occupant running for its life. The funeral was brief. (this item still not done, must clean out inside in earnest this weekend).

Cleaned the outside of the stove and overhead fan (deep cleaned that and scrubbed the floor under it last week.)

Pressganged children into moving food storage cans outside along with accompanying shelf unit for annual hosing down (I love plastic shelving and No. 10 cans). Said food storage paraphenalia was drained and dried and returned to rightful place after vacuum destroyed vacation spider habitat.

Microwave was cleaned inside and out.

Stuff that husband left on the kitchen counter was selectively boxed.

And in the middle of that, dinner was made and cleaned up.

It's now after 11 pm, and just like in great grandmother's diary, I will go to bed late and get a little sleep before sending my children off to school. That is, I will after I put the sheets back on my bed after a rousing wrestling tournament put on by my children whilst I did everything BUT the kitchen sink.


Andrew said...

Sounds like inspection day when the my landlords come over. My back almost goes out just moving things.

Sarah Bishop Jackson said...

Whew..........what a day you had!

Pam said...

WAY TO GO ROBYN!!! But doesn't it feel GOOD when you get all that done and you KNOW it's clean?
Kind of satisfying, wouldn't you say? You might even get your deposit back, who knows. Sounds like you earned it.

Lourie said...

And what did I do today? A fat load of nothing compared to you! You did good!! Great in fact. Be sure and treat yourself for jobs well done. And hey, call on the RS to help.