Friday, November 20, 2009

I should be cleaning, but I'm blogging

I had a leak behind the washer this morning. Not good. I believe I found it, a hose connecting the cold water. I thought I had tightened that down good, but it wasn't enough. I took the hose, (after draining it) to a local shop and confirmed my suspicions - a leaky washer in the connection. And the guy said the threads were hammered too like it had been screwed down too tight. (I did have to really turn it hard to get it off come to think of it.) So $7.00 later and the new hose is on. And it drips from the end that connects to the washer. I cinched it down just a hair. I'm hoping that holds it.

Got the van an oil change and a few other new little parts. Our little car died before my hubby left for training, and it turned out to be a clogged fuel filter. Apparently some ethanol gas blends can loosen a lot of crud. Knowing I get fuel at the same place my husband does, I didn't want to start this move with a slowly clogging filter. So now I can breathe a little easier, knowing the simple things are taken care of.

One more Saturday of errand running/cleaning/sorta packing. One more Sunday of nursery (hallelujah). Waiting for "confirmation" from various people, (I hate waiting for that). Wondering how I'm going to entertain the kids once everything is packed (no computer, no t.v., just a few books and a gameboy). "One more dawn, Another day another destiny, This never ending road to Calvary". Sorry. That just popped in there.

Okay, there's a break in the rain, time to go take out garbage. TTFN


Lourie said...

Who wants to clean??? I know I don't. Moving or otherwise. It sounds like you are doing well.

Sarah Bishop Jackson said...

Robyn, I sure love reading your amaze me!

We sure look forward you to being in Utah and attending our Bishop Thanksgivings. We had a wonderful one today and we had a wonderful conversation with Andy.