Monday, November 23, 2009

Comedy hurts

I picked up a little box trailer to haul our "non-allowables". You know, anything that has a chance of leaking, combusting, and/or exploding, and "sensitive" documents. Yeah. I want to put my vital documents with my husband's propane tanks. Makes sense.


The trailer has this rollup door, which I don't seem to have a problem getting by when going IN the trailer, but coming OUT I always knock my head on the edge of it. I feel like Costello dancing with the giant lady here.

HA! I'll have to be sure to pack some ice.


Lourie said...

Owie! Do you need some ice? Maybe some motrin. Be careful.

Pam said...

When I saw these as a child I used to think how mean and insensitive these people were to treat him like that. I guess I hadn't developed a sense of humor yet..... I guess I still haven't.

Andrew said...

Ay, ay, ay! The revolving elbows was a slam!