Tuesday, November 17, 2009

An attitude of gratitude

It was a wear-me-down day. There was trying to think of what I need to do on my growing "Do Before You Move" list with the shrinking amount of days I have.

There was the fact that I don't have my husband around right now to help me with the yoke I have to pull and I was starting to get upset about that, even though he has his own yoke to pull that I can't help him with either.

And then coming home from our kids' youth activities at church I had one kid with a banged up knee and another kid with banged up feelings and they were both crying their hearts out at the same time. I tried to patch them both up when we got home and they ended up going to bed without our nightly scripture study, both sore from their injuries.

I was looking for something to make me laugh, but instead found something that brought me to tears, and maybe that's just what I needed after all. I hope by passing this along, someone else can feel comforted in the way I did. Not all tears are bad.


Pam said...

I agree! Thanking Heavenly Father is the ONLY way to go!
He is the greatest in bringing you peace when everything around you is in turmoil.

Terresa said...

Ok, you cried? I cried, too. That's a clip I'd do good to watch every day. It boils life down to this: what are we thankful for? And in being thankful, it can change our perspective, completely. (me crying like a baby while I type this...)

PS: Hope your packing & preparations for your move goes smoothly. My prayers and heart are with you. It can be Very Hard. I just witnessed my sister go through a similar thing (her husband was working in Iraq and then Texas at the time). She has 5 kids ages 7 down to baby. She was packing in between nursing & cooking & cleaning (you know the routine). Then, when the house was mostly packed, guess what?? They decided to stay.

Anonymous said...

I'm thankful for a wonderful eldest son who sets a great example for his sibs and also for his terrific (and long-suffering) wife and adorable children. Can't wait to have you closer!

Lourie said...

What am I thankful for?

1. Heavenly Father
2. Jesus Christ
3. The Holy Ghost

Without those three, nothing in my life would be possible.