Monday, October 26, 2009

Thinking of a costume to wear

I used to go full out for Halloween when I was younger. Nowadays I have to keep my life more simple what with four kids. Still I have this conundrum: What to wear? I don't usually get hung up on this question, for the fact that I'm NOT a fashionista, so I may need a little help from you folks surfing around.

I'm going with a ghostly theme, but there are so many kinds of ghosts:

Variation on a classic ghost. The light blue flowers add a feminine touch, but I think this washes me out too much.

This is more vintage organic, but I'm not sure if it really goes well with my skin tone.

This "Pretty in Pink" number is shockingly see-through. Maybe not.

Blue. Baby blue. Mmmmm. No.

The Huey Lewis collection: It's Hip to Be Square.

A few years ago, this might have been all the rage, but now? That's me, always out of date.

This reminds me of some of my grandmother's sheets. Ick. And by the way, the sheets were a gift. I don't look a gift horse in the mouth. It's a twin sheet and it goes on my kids' beds. Ha ha!

Kind of hippy, flowerchild kind of feeling. I feel like singing about San Francisco.

Okay, this theme is a BIT too young for me.

So many outfits and NOTHING to wear. Oh dear.


Jane said...

I loved this! I just had to chuckle. You should be the black ghost--everyone does the white ghost thing :P

Lourie said...

So many choices!!! I think you should print up the pictures, dress in black, and then pin the different choices all over your clothes. Then people can pick which one they like most. If they ask you what you are....hmmmm maybe a ghost with multiple personalities.

Pam said...

All you guys are FUNNY! We have talented thinkers out there!
I like the one that didn't do anything for your skin tone!

Sarah Bishop Jackson said...

Cute! Just gotta cut some holes for your eyes and you are in business.

Mamma Christine said...

LOL. Oh my, you have a lot of sheets.

Ginny said...

HAHAHAHAHAH this was a great post. I love it. I actually liked the grandma twin sheet.