Wednesday, October 7, 2009

So much for a productive morning..

I had it all planned out. I would go through all the kids' clothes and donate what couldn't be handed down and throw out what couldn't be mended. I got through ONE drawer when there was a knock on the door.

It was the apartment complex maintenance man. He informed me that the corner of our garage unit was smashed in, and he needed me to open the padlocks so they could get in there and fix the damage. I stammered that I had to find out where the keys were first. I called my husband. He had the keys at work. He gave me directions to get there (construction is blocking the route I usually take) and I grabbed the three year old and we got in the van. I drove around to the garage unit and told the maintenance guy how long it would take me to retrieve the keys. He said that was fine, they had to gather materials to fix the damage anyway. I got a look at the garage unit door. One corner had been dented in a good six inches, derailing the track and the siding and lumber on the frame was munched. Crap.

I drove out of the complex and almost got to the freeway onramp when I realized the 4 x 6 card I had with me was NOT the card I wrote the directions on but a BLANK card. I flipped a U turn and raced back to the apartment, stopped the van, raced inside, cussed while I tossed stuff around trying to find the stupid directions, found them and ran back out to the van.

I managed to find my way there without too many problems. My husband has figured out that when he gives me directions I need landmarks. Preferably BIG landmarks. This trip, the last crucial turn was marked by a 6 foot high, 3D replica of a chinese dragon head. Can't get more unique than that. The keys were passed over, and I hauled out of there hoping that I would remember the way back. I think I only had to scare one dump truck driver when I changed lanes last minute to get onto the freeway.

I put the three year old in the apartment with Scooby Doo to entertain him, and I spent then next two hours going back and forth between apartment to check on the three year old and the garage unit to check on the maintenance guys. (I trust the maintenace guy, I don't trust his friends.) I did manage to throw out some of my stuff that had been tucked in storage for a while, so that mollified me a little.

The garage door is back on, although it's just a bit tweaked now. It's stiff on one side, a little loose on the other. At least it's lockable again. I really didn't want to have to wait for a NEW door and just have them board up the whole thing.

It's a good thing this is all temporary. Phew!


Lourie said...

Landmarks do not work for me although I dragon head just might. You certainly earned your props today!

Pam said...

Isn't just like something to ALWAYS interupt a big project like that. That's life for sure!!

Nicole said...

love that the giant dragon was there to help you out! Oh and sorry about the not as productive morning.