Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Oh Yeah! I hate moving.

The prospect of hubby's new job is exciting. Change! Starting over! New places! New experiences! He starts in two weeks and gets to train in another state for a few weeks to two months. We'll wait here for a bit and then move to a state in between.

But, it's a MOVE! That means, ugh, uprooting. Leaving comfortable surroundings, leaving people/teachers we love, leaving what's known for the unknown. The Unknown is scary. You'd think with the moving we've done, we would be used to it, but you never really do.

We try to thin down our possessions each time and yet we always need a bigger truck to haul our stuff the next time. All that covert toy tossing still hasn't made a dent. They must be multiplying under the beds, the naughty things. "Appropriate for ages 18 mos. to 3 years". Right. Uh-huh. Tell me another one.

We've all caught head colds from my hubby too. Hopefully it'll all be over with soon because this illness stuff is cutting into my move planning. I can't obsess properly if I have to take care of sniffles and coughs.


Sarah Bishop Jackson said...

Moving is not fun....but wait; I can't really remember as we have been in the same home since 1986. Yikes, we have so much stuff now I would not like to move. :)

Glad you will be closer.

Momnerd said...

Oh, I hear you girl! I was in complete denial about how much stuff we had a few months ago when we moved. And I'm still not really unpacked. My sympathy is with you all the way!

Lourie said...

I still have a garage full of unopened boxes from 2007 when we got here. It was (hopefully) our last move after he retired from the Coast Guard. I don't think I could handle the inbetween move. Ick. Good luck in your move(s) and to your hubby. Can't wait to hear more.

T&JCrawford said...

Uh, what? He got a job? Could you be more descriptive and use some more nouns, adjectives, adverbs, and verbs in your blogging? WHERE are you moving? Where is he going? Did I miss a blog? eh?

T&JCrawford said...

Yes I know you have a blog! I'm here aren't I? I just don't get what is going on is all. You are waiting for a job interview or something. You guys should just come back to St. George and start up a Day Care or a store or start a tour bus thing around Southern Utah. I could help out in the summer. After seeing the Jacob Hamblin home and going around the world a bit, Tourism is a money maker! You could get a little van with Warner's Tourism on it and take people to all the hot spots in Southern Utah. You would both get out more and get paid for it! Call me! WE;ll chat