Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Life is SO exciting!

I don't know if my heart can take it.

A few weeks ago, while we were proverbially chewing our nails waiting to see if Hubby would be employed, his motorcycle wasn't working and he thought that he knew what would fix it. He got the part and .... it still didn't work. Sigh. But we still had our two vehicles to get around in so we figured, well, eventually he'd figure it out.

Then he got his new job! He started packing up his stuff, packing up the garage, and preparing to leave us for a while to do the necessary training. All while we battled flu and head colds.

We finally got the word last Friday that the company was flying him down on Sunday. Last Saturday he finished up packing as best he could and took his little commuter car to the gas station to fill it up before he left. It died just before he got there. It was a good thing he wasn't planning on DRIVING that little car across two states. I got my van over there and we towed the car home. We figured we were planning on towing it behind the moving van anyway, so no harm no foul, a little inconvenient but nothing more.

Then last night, taking my son to Cub Scouts, the van started making this HORRIBLE rattling noise. I was a little nervous but figured I could get my son to Scouts and get the van home. Oh, wishful thinking. I got to the church and when we got out, the van was hemorraging coolant all over the pavement. Water poured into the radiator came right back out. Good thing there were plenty of folks at church that could give us a ride home.

If troubles come in threes, then I hope that three vehicles down will count as our adversity for this month. I mean, it's good that the van broke down here, rather than on our upcoming move right? Because that would REALLY ...I don't want THINK about it!

So, if I don't post for awhile, you'll understand I'm probably busy scratching my head and making phone calls to a guy who knows a gal who knows a guy who could fix my van. I'm not trying to worry anyone, just treading water until the ark arrives

Hope your Wednesday is a good one!


Lourie said...

When it rains it pours! Hope your rainbow comes soon.

Sarah Bishop Jackson said...

I am so sorry; hope you can get it figured out soon. We have 2 good operating cars (knock on wood) but are just hoping our furnace doesn't go out this winter since Newell hasn't had a job since March.

Ginny said...

Yuck! You have a more uplifting view of it than I would. Sending you wishes, prayers and knocks on wood that its all over.

Mamma Christine said...

Oh my. What a nightmare! My husband remembers having to bum rides off people to church when all 3 of their cars were in the shop at the same time. Still what timing for you :( Good luck. Wish I was around to help out!

Pam said...


T&JCrawford said...

BUT WHERE IS HE GOING@!?!?!?!?!? I have yet to know where he is headed! I heard Phoenix or Salt Lake! WHICH IS IT?