Monday, September 7, 2009

We got our Labor Day outing done early.

It just doesn't feel as warm as it did last year, and there's unpredictable showers, and I didn't prepare for it and yadda, yadda, yadda.

We drove down to Estacada to a fishing spot my husband had heard about but we had never been to. It's on PGE property, actually it's a lake above a small hydroelectric facility, and it was free to park (Yahoo!). We saw two guys land a couple of trout but didn't get any ourselves. We really wanted our older boy to have a little success this summer, but it was not to be. We have notoriously bad luck.

Still, it was a nice outing; relatively quiet, plenty of fresh air, a trestle bridge, and lunch at A&W in Estacada afterwards (great fry sauce, guys!) Now we're home and my kids are getting in some final t.v. binging because they will be fasting once the school year starts. Mwahahahaha! I can't wait. I have had enough of Sonic Underground.

Enjoy the pics.


Lourie said...

How fun! It is sooo hot here, that it seems impossible to imagine anyone would need a sweatshirt and long pants. School started last month. It's been nice to have a lot less TV in the house. Enjoy their fast! Haha.

Ginny said...

Awe, I can't wait for things to settle down here so we can leave the house day, right?

Mamma Christine said...

Ohh, beautiful pictures. I especially love the one of the clouds reflected in the water (2nd one I think). Sorry you didn't have any luck fishing :(

Sarah Bishop Jackson said...

I loved all the outings we did with our kids.....precious memories!