Sunday, September 27, 2009

Trying to keep myself busy

I'm trying really hard not to let myself sink into a "wait and see" funk. It's very probable we'll be moving somewhere (no clue where yet) in the next couple of months, but since we don't have a sure date/place to go, I'm having a hard time deciding what to do in the meantime.

I could deep clean the apartment but really, it's easier to do that when you have emptied a room or a two so you can go full speed and get every corner and not worry about messing it up again. If I deep clean now, I'll have to do it again closer to move time and who wants to do a deep clean twice in as many months?

I could try to finish my youngest child's quilt. I've got the top pieced together, I've got the fabric for the backing, I'm just missing the batting and sandwiching the thing before tying/quilting it. Right now the parts are tucked away neatly in a storage box. Heck more like Pandora's box. What if I have to stuff the thing unbound into a garbage sack before I get it done?

I could sneak into my kids' rooms while they are at school and thin out their toy boxes but with my youngest around during the day, he might tell on me. He tattles on all of his siblings constantly.

I'm dithering, I know. It's so bad now I can't settle down to enjoy a book like I used to. GASP.

You ever feel like you needed to do something but didn't know WHAT? How did you finally decide?


Pam said...

EEEHHHHH do something for you!

Lourie said...

I have been working on my corner for a while now. And hey I am not even moving! Is there someone who can watch the little one while you thin out the toys? If I remember correctly you already started going through closets. It would drive me crazy not knowing the when and where of it. Good luck.