Friday, September 18, 2009

Say What? The baby is growing up. Oh no.

I needed to go to the post office to mail a package. It was me and the three year old.

"Let's go to the post office."

"No! I stay here."

"You can't stay here, there's no one to watch you."

"No! Stay here!"

"Can't. Daddy needs this package sent off."

He grumbles into the car. We get to the last corner before the post office and I see a squirrel on the sidewalk.

"Look! There's a squirrel!" I say to him.

He glances over and gives me an annoyed/bored "yeah, yeah, yeah." My jaw drops.
I shake it off and park.

He says, "I stay here."

"No you can't stay in the car, I'll get in trouble, you come with me."



He grumbles some more. I am grateful the lines are only one person deep and my package is soon on it's way while my son is absorbed with the fish tank that is at his eye level on the other side of a locked glass door right next to the counter. (Smart postmaster.) I tell him it's time to go, and the clerk asks if he can have a treat. I say "sure!" (GENIUS postmaster.)

With the dumdum lollipop in hand, the ride was congenial.

But that wasn't the only eye opener of the day.

Later I'm catching a few minutes of t.v. before the timer tells me dinner is ready. The three year old comes charging in asking if I can take him outside to play. I really don't want to as I've been with him ALL DAY and he has NOT TAKEN A NAP. I suggest his older sister should take him.

Using my internal intercom system (ahem, that means I yell down the hall) I summon my daughter.

My son copies me.

Rolling my eyes I walk down the hall to the kids' computer where said daughter is playing.

I command, nicely, "Save your game and take your little brother outside."

Little brother says "take me ow'side."

She hesitates. "Now."

Little brother shouts, "Now!"
I reprove him for his loudness ( I know I am a hypocrite, but I'm the mom, I have the authority to yell if I have to, the kids don't, same as when I was growing up. )

I say, "Save the game."

He says, "Save the game."

I say, "Get off the computer."

He says, "Geh off pooter."

Miffed now, I glare at him, "I don't need an echo."

He, again too loudly, lets out, "You don' nee a echo?"

Let me say he is DARN lucky his sister was shooing him out the door at that point. My oldest was laughing.

My kids; such comedians.


Lourie said...

Did your son and my son compare notes? Just wondering.

Sarah Bishop Jackson said...

Sometime you will have to ask Heather about Sam and the "It's your choice" that he gave to his parents. :)

Gotta love the things kids say!

Mamma Christine said...

Ohhh, at least yours is funny about it. My 3 year old + things he doesn't want to do = NOT FUNNY!

Pam said...

AAAAAAH What would the world be without humor? Just asking!

MomBabe said...

I love the repeat everything I say and vice versa stage. LOVE. IT. {eye roll}

Momof5 said...

Too funny! You're a riot! I loved this post. So descriptive, I could see it all play out.....hmmm, maybe I've seen this movie before....God Bless!